Bet On The Dog Race Favorite With Martingale

This strategy is a bit contradictory to the previous one, but it is the recommended one for a beginner. The other thing to keep in mind is a high betting budget.

Martingale is a greyhound betting technique where you always bet on the same, but if you lose you double the bet on the next, and you continue to do so until you win. In theory, when you win, you will cover all your losses and win a little. It sounds simple and safe, but it’s not when you lose a lot of times, and the bet goes up and up until you can’t cover it, to win a little.

But considering that in greyhound racing the winner wins on average 1 out of 4, then you would only have to increase the bet a maximum of 4 times. If you do not win the fourth, then you withdraw and assume the loss.

One way to improve this strategy is to bet on the winner only in those races where the favourite has a great advantage. That is to say, and you evaluate the dogs, their current conditions, last races, rest times, adequate dog track, weather, etc. If all the factors favour the favourite, bet on that race. For this, you need to gain experience.

Martingale is usually a discredited and poorly recommended strategy. But if you manage it well by establishing rules of when to stop (4 turns maximum) and the way you choose which races to bet on, it will surely be effective. The problem lies in how little you earn when you do it, but try it to see how it goes in greyhound racing, in the end, everything lies in the good eye you have in this sport.

Martingale With Modification, Greyhounds And Football

One way to ensure the Martingale is to start betting on the greyhounds, if you lose in the first you can then double the bet but do it in football, in a safe game such as Barcelona vs Las Palmas. The chances of Barcelona winning are high, and you have to make sure that the profit obtained covers your expenses in greyhounds and soccer.

Bet on 2 non-favourite Greyhounds

This is a type of bet where you can choose 2 dogs to be winners, and you can do it through different betting platforms like togel hk. The trick to making it profitable is to choose two dogs that are not the favourite, and their odds must be greater than 2.0.

  • Two dogs with quotas equal to or greater than 2.
  • Greyhound bets must be of equal value.

The result will be greater successes but with a low-profit margin. You can increase profitability with higher bets.