Learning To Play 5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw is one of the most played draw poker variants and is the best known of all Draw poker games. 5 Card Draw is nothing like the poker variants like Texas Hold`em and Omaha Hold`em. Players cannot use community cards that are normally on the board. Players are all dealt five cards and should therefore make the best possible hand. Poker is once a game of the five best cards.

Live poker

No other player is allowed to see your hand while playing. So you can only win a pot by reading your opponents. This means that you must pay close attention to how you bet opponents and keep a close eye on any deviant behavior of players. Learning to play idn poker therefore takes a lot of time, because it is largely a mathematical sport. With 5 card draw you can change your cards with the stack once, you can select how many cards you are going to exchange, these cannot be cards but also all five cards.


Before you can start a round of play, players must bet the Small Blind and Big Blind after the Dealer button. The Small Blind always consists of half of the Big Blind. You have to put the blind every round. This rule is intended to force the action. You shouldn’t have to wait quietly for a great hand. This would make the poker game very boring. If the blind have been used by the players, the Dealer can deal the cards. The Dealer starts with the person to his left and ends with himself until everyone has five cards.

Fold, call or raise

When all preparations have been made, the player may start after the Big Blind. Players can choose to pass, go or raise. If you have a crappy hand, it is best to fit the hand. If you have a reasonable hand that you would like to play, it is best to go along. If you are almost sure that you have the best hand at the table, it is best to raise. This way you show other players that you are convinced that you have the best hand. Of course you can also try to mislead someone in this way. Bluffing is of course an important part of the game of poker.

For the blind, it is a different story to try on just like that. You already have money / chips in the pot. If someone places a raise and you have a bad hand, just put it away. If you choose to defend your Small or Big Blind, the range is often wider because these players get a better price to defend. The Small Blind may fit if no one has raised. The Big Blind can then only check or increase. Once everything is done, the Drawing round starts.

Drawing round and showdown

The Drawing round starts with the first player behind the Big Blind. This person can choose to trade a number of cards or trade nothing at all if that person is satisfied with their hand. Every player around the table gets the chance to improve his or her hand by trading cards with the dealer.