How to join a club on PPPoker

When you usually play online poker, all you have to do to get started is create your account, make your first deposit and search the lobby for your favorite real money games. The PPPoker app, however, is a little different from the other online poker rooms: it is what is called an online social gaming platform. What this is means is that to start playing, you must first join one of the private PPPoker Clubs.

Step 1: Choose a PPPoker Club

There are many PPPoker Clubs to choose from. The differences among them are numerous: traffic, the number of recreational players, and Rakeback deal, to name a few of the most important. In regular online poker apps and sites, those factors are all the same throughout the site, but that’s not the case with the PPPoker app. Here, private clubs have the autonomy to run their private games and promotions as they see fit. Where can you find some poker clubs that are open for new players? One example would be DonkHunter, a page that offers support and multiple online poker opportunities to its clients.

What’s a Rakeback Deal?

A Rakeback deal is a type of cashback promotion where some of the commission (rake) paid by the player is refunded. Most poker apps and sites have a promotion like this: rake as a commission for their real money service and games provided and a Rakeback offer to reward regular players. Each PPPoker Club can set its own Rakeback Deal.

What are the best PPPoker Clubs?

As you can see, choosing the best PPPoker Clubs is imperative to have a good experience. The answer varies from person to person: how much do you rake, what cash games and stakes do you play? And so on. There are even some bad Clubs full of regulars and others with dishonest or irresponsible Club owners that should be avoided. On the flip side, there’s nothing stopping you from joining multiple PPPoker Clubs. With this strategy, you can participate in a few Asian clubs with soft games, play poker in other Clubs that offer variants (such as Pot Limit Omaha), and overall find traffic 24/7 by joining multiple private clubs.

With the help of agents such as DonkHunter, you can get personalized advice and be informed of the best PPPoker Clubs for you specifically. Definitely do hit them up and take the time to talk and find out what’s best for you, it will be totally worth it. You don’t want to join a Club with bad practices or start playing in a place full of regulars that will crush you.

After you have made your choice, time to get the Club ID and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Request to join the chosen PPPoker Club using the Club ID

Each PPPoker Club has a number known as the Club Id. Once you have the number, open the App, click on the lens and a window will open with”Join a Club”. It will ask for the Club Id and some basic identification from you as well (username and so on). After that, just wait for the respective club host to approve your request and you can already start playing!