How to pick an online casino in 2020

Nowadays a new casino seems to be opened every day. Although we can assure you that this is not really the case, there are still hundreds if not a thousand ways for those who want to play their favorite online casino games. If you look at either of these sites, they all look the same – dazzling graphics, a kind of bonus and same games.

Really, you actually did not note many variations until you went past the homepage of these sites. We want you to make the right decision when you choose to play judi online casino games, so we have dedicated the whole page to tell you how best to choose a casino. When we are finished, you will be able to take the perfect decision, which takes everything into account that matters to you on each website.

Suggested Online Casinos

Now we know that many of you have no time to read this page or maybe you just want to play. Therefore for your benefit, we have compiled a list of some of the casinos that we have recommended most over the years. These websites cater to a large audience and have some of the best deals we find in the industry. If you start from either of these sites, your casino journey will indeed be great.

Various ways of accessing online casinos

When the industry began, there was only one way out to play games from home. There are now a variety of delivery methods for these games. Let’s look at them quickly now.

Initially, files needed to play casino games were so big that a piece of software had to be downloaded from your computer.

These software packages will take hours to deliver to someone depending on the strength of the Internet connection. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since that time, but many players still want to download the software on their PCs.

In 2001, the first casino games were released that did not require a download. Built in Java, these games were buggy and very slow (based on average internet connectivity speed). As speeds increased, it became easier to play from inside a browser and nowadays the no-download games are just as good as those downloaded to computer with the advent of better languages like Flash and HTML5.

The first mobile casino games came with the launch of the mobile phone. The screens on those devices were of course, very small and weren’t very informative, but there were still ways to show the results of a blackjack hand or a rotary spin. As the smartphones were launched, they had a better view to play games and today there are hundreds of casino games you can play right from your phone or tablet.