World Oldest Casinos You Should Visit

Technology has made it easy for one to enjoy his favourite game from his preferred location from his preferred online 카지노사이트. This has provided a whole new level of comfort for gamers. Online casino sites have in some ways taken away the thrills and excitement of being on a land-based casino. Nevertheless, one would not miss out on the opportunity to visit and play games at some of the world’s oldest gambling places. In this article, we shall present to you some old casino locations that are still standing today.

Gamers know that the most fabulous gambling destinations in the world are Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. It’s quite surprising that the world’s oldest casino did not originate from either of these two places. We shall give a brief countdown of some of the oldest casino destinations in the world. So here they are ;

The Golden Gate Casino

The Golden Gate Casino is the first casino built on the Las Vegas strip. It is located in the centre of Las Vegas across the corner of Main and Fremont Street. The property of the casino was purchased in 1905 for $1,750. The casino continued operations in the hotel until 1909 when a ban on gambling took effect. In 1931 the casino was reopened following the legalization of gambling in Nevada, but its name was changed to Sal Sagev. Twenty years later the whole property has been renamed into the golden Gates hotel and casino been a popular place for legendary parties and events.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

The casino de Monte-Carlo is located in the city of Monaco. Today the land-based casino looks more beautiful and luxurious than ever with a collection of games available for players from all over the world. The casino is ideal for young players who would want to try their luck on table games and slots.