Various Types of High-Quality Cheating Devices in Poker

Playing poker with friends at home is fun. It is one of the best pastimes many people do over the weekend or during game nights. So if you and your friends are fond of playing poker for fun, you should try these tricks to make the experience more challenging. Even though you will be using poker cheating devices, this can still give you some challenge since you will try your best to avoid getting caught. Because if you do, then the game is over.


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Cloth Scanning Cameras

A prevalent cheating tactic in poker these days is the cloth scanning camera. It is considered the best tool to use with the poker card analyzer and the marked cards. It can entirely disguise your tactic. With the hidden camera, it can easily read the marked cards. The image is crystal clear that you won’t need a partner to work with. You can win the game all by yourself.

Leather Belt Camera

If the cloth scanning camera is not an option for you, you can also opt for the leather belt with an IR camera. It is currently one of the high-end cheating cameras to use when playing poker. A camera lens is hidden in the leather belt that will scan the marked playing cards’ barcode. As long as you are within 30cm to 60 cm, the camera will work correctly. It can also move up and down, then right to left, and vice versa, within 20cm. 

Black Ashtray

Who could have thought that an ashtray can be used as a cheating device in poker? The ashtray can read bar codes that are inked on the sides of marked poker cards. It comes with scanning lenses inside with a more extensive scanning range. The ashtray is not easily detected as a cheating device since it looks legit made of fire retardant materials like glass, pottery, metal, stone, or heat-resistant plastic.

A/C With Built In Cheating Camera

As they say, if you want to cheat on it, then you have to go big. Nobody will ever know that your air conditioning unit at home is a cheating device. Inside the air conditioning unit is a scanning lens that can recognize even the invisible barcodes on your marked poker cards. There is another camera that can detect infrared markings, usually on the back of the cards. The A/C unit is undoubtedly one of the best disguises to hide a cheating camera.

Marked Playing Cards

Of course, you can never go without the marked deck of poker cards. It is a must-have for all of these devices to work. Most manufacturers make them in two different colors – red and blue. But according to expert poker players, the blue one is the most effective to use. So what are you waiting for? If you want to win on your next poker game night, you should consider these cheating devices. Yes, using these devices can be a bit challenging at first, but it can indeed ensure your win this time.