Useful Tips to Go from Online to Live Poker

Every online poker player has, at one time or another, enjoyed the thrill of playing Poker while sitting on the couch in their pyjamas. It is a great way to pass the time and earn some cash. One significant difference between live Poker and online Poker is that in live Poker, there are no bonuses like a no deposit casino bonus that can be found at sites not on Gamstop offering the best experiences; players must begin the game with their own money. They can not rely on bonuses to get going.


However, it isn’t all fun and games; there are definite strategies that can help you go from online Poker to live poker success. Here are some valuable tips for doing just that.

Avoid Unnecessary Tech Devices

It’s a bad idea to sit down at a poker table and immediately put on headphones. Most online poker players who switch to playing live poker struggle with this, as they are accustomed to playing Poker while listening to music in their comfortable seats.


If you must listen to music, it is better to use only one earphone. That way, you can hear your surroundings and avoid appearing anti-social.


When someone puts on their headphones or looks down at their phone while sitting at a poker table, it is evident that they are extremely at ease. While pulling out your phone and texting is acceptable, avoid doing so just after you sit down.

Limp a Little

Even if they have 8-2 off-suit and are confronted with a couple of limps, many recreational players will never fold the small blind. Folding in these circumstances would be a good poker strategy. When playing live Poker, it might be hazardous to do this.


The energy of the table will alter.

You can hear the tense swallows.

It destroys the atmosphere of the table by seeming overly tight.

Act Nice

Tell a joke and grin. The game involves banter. Therefore, come prepared to converse. Playing it safe is frequently the right course of action, but keeping your mouth shut is nearly never.


Enjoy yourself, unwind, and don’t be frightened of people. Poker can motivate us to step outside of our comfort zones.


Sometimes, whether or not we are in hand, we need to fake that we are calm as a cucumber.


Pretend to be drunk if you want, but don’t let this affect your table image. Be aware of what a beer, or other alcoholic drinks, can do for your table image. If you’re planning on ordering an alcoholic beverage, consider ordering a non-alcoholic one and bringing back the beer. Everyone will think that you just ordered something other than beer, and no one will be any the wiser!


Remember: You don’t have to be Mr Cool to enjoy yourself at a poker table. Simply avoid doing anything that would embarrass others, especially by taking yourself too seriously. In the end, as long as you remember the tips discussed above, you should enjoy a prosperous live poker career. We wish you all the best of luck in your future tournaments!