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Searching the site a little further, it is possible to filter the results of both teams in home and away games. At Chelsea, of 22 wins in the competition, 12 of them have come home from 14 games. That’s 86% of home wins:

In Man City the record is 66% of away wins, 10 wins in 15 games:

This information shows that Chelsea have an advantage over the opponent. But it takes a little deeper to reach a more satisfactory conclusion with the 시티 site bets.

Deepening the statistics

Until that game Chelsea were leading the tournament with 11 points more than the fourth-placed Citzens. In England there is a “split” between the larger teams of the less strong. The largest are known worldwide as ‘big six’: Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and Man Utd. It is the teams with the strongest economic power than the others that concentrate the best players.

Chelsea and Man City are two of these six teams. Now let’s look at their retrospect against the other big six. Taking from Chelsea the games as principal and from City the games as a visitor.

  • Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool
  • Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United
  • Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham
  • Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

3 wins in 4 games, very good retrospect of Londoners. And at Manchester City:

  • Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City
  • Tottenham 2-0 Manchester City
  • Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City
  • Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City

1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. Harness not very good. If we take some other relevant things the comparison is even better for Londoners.

  • Chelsea 3-0 Leicester
  • Chelsea 5-0 Everton
  • Leicester 4-2 Manchester City
  • Everton 4-0 Manchester City

Everton would be the Premier League champion if there were no Big Six, so much so that they fight at the top of the table. Already Leicester is the current champion and only survivor in the Champions League of the four Englishmen who entered the competition.


In conclusion, at Stamford Bridge Chelsea just didn’t beat Liverpool among the best teams in England. But know that the Reds are the best of Big Six clashes. Manchester City beat Manchester United just earlier in the season when the team were still unbeaten.

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Concluding this part

You should always know what the numbers say. They show facts. And it is through statistics that bookmakers set their odds. Many factors influence the odds in some way, causing it to go down or up. Deepening is always important to further wipe off what is profitable.