The Online Casino Options for Your Deals


Blackjack is played against the bank, with the aim of getting as close to 21 as possible. If you immediately have 21 when you shuffle the cards, you have blackjack and you win, provided the bank has no blackjack. An exciting game, because you have to determine per round whether you think you can get closer to the 21 or think about it.

The Poker Options

Finally, poker is one of the most famous games, which can be played against the bank or against other players. In some online casinos, large poker tournaments are organized every so often that you can participate for a small stake. You play against other players from all over the world. After a certain number of hours, a break is inserted, so that you can get the necessary sleep and stay sharp for the next round.

Bonuses online casino

In many of the online casinos, bonuses are used to lure new members or to surprise current members with a fun, free chance to win prizes. These bonuses appear as a deposit bonus, as free spins for an online casino slot or as an option to place a risk-free bet. In the latter case you will get your bet back if the bet is wrong. With a deposit bonus, your deposit is doubled or you get, for example, fifty percent extra to gamble with. Please note, you must always unlock this bonus before you can transfer it back to your bank account. The use of the i m7 happens to be essential there.

In addition to the slot machines and table games in online and physical casinos, it is possible to bet on sports competitions. Although there is only one so-called sports betting bookmaker in the Netherlands, namely Toto, which was founded in 1957, which is part of De Lotto, there are many other providers. These providers, of which Unibet and BWIN are a good example, trade from abroad and from there offer their services in the Netherlands. Sports betting is also possible at many cigar farmers, in the supermarket, at the bookstore, and so on.


At a physical point of sale of the Toto you get a receipt on which you can indicate what you expect from your own football matches. You can bet on the number of goals, the winner, and so on. If the bet is good, then you can exchange the coupon later and you will receive the prize won in cash. At very large prizes, often above a few hundred euros, the prize is deposited into your bank account. At Toto there is a limited number of competitions to choose from. Other providers also offer bets for secondary divisions in Spain, France or Italy, for example.