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Punto Banco is loved for several reasons, it is a game with very simple mechanics but which gives a certain thrill to the lovers of the bet, requires some logical-mathematical skills; and it’s a nice variation on the usual card games like casino and blackjack. Many players consider it a much more classy game than other card games.

You can play in various Punto Banco casinos, so much so that it can now be safely said that given its popularity it is a game that is found everywhere. And all online casino players can try their hand at this game; and understand why the Chinese flock to casinos all over the world to sit at the baccarat tables. Very interesting related topic is how to play roulette. For the mega888 apk this is important.

Punto Banco: the rules

It is quite easy to understand how to play Punto Banco, this addicting game; once you learn some dynamics that are a little different from other card games, the rules appear very simple. First of all it is a game in which basically, the player has very little power over what is happening, because they can do nothing but go ahead or stop according to the strict rules and decide the bets.

  • The game table is divided into three spaces: Tie, Player and Banker.
  • There are two sides to the game: the player (Player) and the Banker (Banco).
  • In addition to the two sides in the game, up to 14 participants are allowed who can bet on the fate of the game between the two sides.
  • The bet can be made in three ways: you bet on Tie or Egalité, ie on a tie, on Player, ie on the player’s victory, on Banker, ie on the banker’s victory.

It is played with six decks of French cards

The aim of the game is to arrive (or get close to 9)

After understanding these the basis of the rules

It is the time to understand how a game can be played.

The cards have special values:

Figures and 10 are worth 0, the joker is excluded from the game

Numbered cards except 10 are worth the value of the number (a six is ​​worth six, a two is worth two, etc.)

The sum of the points, if it reaches a two-digit value, is calculated by adding the two digits. For example, if you get to the score of 11 you add 1 + 1 and the points are two, 10 is 1 + 0 so 1.

You bet before the game starts

The dealer (who also impersonates the dealer) deals two cards to the dealer and two to the player. These are revealed and the value will decide the rest of the game from the first hand. One of the two players reaches an eight or a nine, the game ends with the victory of the dealer or the player depending on which of the two has the highest point (8 or 9 precisely), this is a natural hand. On the first hand the score is 6 to 6, 7 to 7 or 6 to 7, the game ends with no more cards and the highest point wins.

There is a draw the game ends in a draw

There is no 8 or 9, things get more complex:

  • If the player has a 6 or 7, he folds and does not take a third card, while the dealer does
  • The player takes the third card when he has 8 or 7 and the dealer makes less than 6
  • The dealer folds if he has less than 6 and the player 6 or 7 takes third card
  • If the dealer has 7 he passes
  • The semi-fishing bank has 0.1 or 2

Based on the value of the player’s third card and the dealer’s score, he or she takes the third card according to this scheme.