The Advantages Of Live Betting

Five minutes to go before the game begins, everything is ready on the screens of the tipobet365, we take a last look at the odds and markets available for the game in question, turn up the volume on the TV, hear the initial beep, the show begins! On this occasion, the Gambler’s Corner section aims to focus on the advantages of Live betting, which, are increasingly popular with our customers.

 What Is A Live Bet? When Can I Bet Live?

The operation of this type of event and its live betting is very simple. It is about separating all the bets that we offer you day by day into two large groups. On the one hand, the markets that are available until a few seconds before the event starts and, on the other hand, there are the demands and bets that are offered right after the event has started. This second option is one of the great advantages of live betting, and we are going to tell you about some possibilities that you will already know and hopefully other news that are yet to be discovered.

We are going to go to a practical example that will surely help us understand everything that happens after the initial whistle of a sporting event. We will take as an example the second leg match of the Copa del Rey semifinals that took place on February 11, 2014, between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid at the Vicente Calderón stadium.

This match had more than 100 different markets during the days prior to its start date, and once the match started, we got to offer you about 80 different betting possibilities. The variety was therefore very extensive, but as always, our clients had their preferences and favourite markets. Two of the most popular markets were Match Winner and the exciting Next Team to Score, but there were also other very attractive options such as:

Goal Betting: You could bet on the next player to score a goal, total number of goals or total goals for each team, correct score at the end of the game, etc.

 Betting By Corners/Cards: Here is offered the possibility of betting on the player who will receive the next card, the number of corners to be played in total or by each team, etc.

Handicap Betting: This section offers numerous variations of the already famous handicap betting. More than 10 different handicap possibilities are offered.

Betting on the First/Second part: Here the excitement multiplies, since there is no need to wait until the end of the entire match, we can also place our bets on the result, number of goals, etc both in the first and second half.