Secret tricks For Blackjack and American Roulette

Black jack

To win at Black Jack , you need to memorize the number of large cards that came out from 10 to ace (and ideally – all cards in 6 decks, which is 312 cards, Karl !!) and at the end, when the probability of the remaining large cards coming out with the formation of a Black combination Jack (10, Q, J or K in combination with A) is maximum, bets should be increased sharply, boxes should be split, doubles and so on.

We called such unique people “stargazers” – they memorized cards and often took out jack tables. Such comrades drank extremely rarely, and this is understandable, because alcohol has a bad effect on the memory and overall concentration of the player. To buy the table, they could be given a large sum of money to scare away playing alone.

Such specialists were monitored by the security service and the administration of the casino – in special cases they could be refused to play without explaining the reasons and forever included in the black list for further visits to the casino.

But there was also a legal way to prevent stargazers from gathering analytics to raise rates. It consisted in inserting a cut-off card not at the end of a large deck, consisting, as a rule, of 6 decks, but in the middle, for example. As soon as the cut came out on the table, the game was interrupted and a new shuffle was shuffled. Thus, the meager ability to analyze only half of the cards nullified the player’s advantage in Blackjack.

American roulette

So, if the roulette wheel began to lose, the dealer could launch short spins so that the players would not have time to fill up the table with chips and there would be a lot of free open numbers on it.

Often the inspector or dealer could change balls – small to large or vice versa. This was done with the aim, again, to change the suit of the players, to change the spin, its speed, since the different mass and diameter of the balls directly affected the spin. The dealer also regulated the rotation speed of the roulette wheel – according to the rules, the ball and the wheel rotate towards each other.

Sometimes the spin was launched not “from the number” – when the spin was started, the ball had to be released into free rotation approximately opposite the number that had won before.

Particularly skilled players played in sectors – they forced whole sectors of numbers on the playing field, as they walked on the wheel in order. These sectors were called Thiers, Voisin and 2 Orphalines. Thus, forcing a certain sector (or a sequence of numbers on the wheel, it is absolutely not necessary to set sectors strictly!), One could with some success hope that the ball, having fallen into it, with a certain dynamics of the wheel movement, will remain in it, having determined the winning room.

Against such players, roulette dealers in their free time learned to throw the ball in certain sectors . Yes, that’s right – by appropriately choosing the rotation speed of the roulette and the speed of starting the ball, its rotation or no rotation. I can “boast” that I was able to achieve the success of hitting the ball in 3 numbers located next to each other. The ability to hit the ball into Zero , in common parlance, called 0 (zero), was considered special chic . This gave the casino a special advantage if small bets were placed on the field with colored chips, and large amounts were placed on additional fields (for example, Red / Black) with valuable chips. When Zero dropped out, all these bets were lost.

And, of course, roulette had its own “dirty” ways to win the fortune to your side, if it was not possible to do it in the usual ways. For example, one or a couple of players sat up until the morning, who were completely drunk and were not lucky for them like a child, although they did not have time to force a lot of numbers on the field. As soon as the ball fell, the dealer bet a dolly (a special figure that is placed on the winning number) on the unsettled number and began to collect the losing chips. And the inspector, meanwhile, imperceptibly shifted the ball on the wheel to the desired number.