Play quiz and win money by downloading these apps

Making money online is entertaining only while it appears to be simple. That’s why you’ve come here: you want to make money quickly. Don’t worry; you’ll learn about some of the best and most accessible quiz applications to earn money in India for free today. These apps are free to download and do not require any payment.

Let’s not waste any more time and go through each of these online quiz apps individually.

MPL – Mobile premier league

One of the most well-known apps for earning money by taking quizzes.

Type of quiz to play

  • Cricket quiz
  • Maths quiz
  • Current affair quiz
  • Bollywood quiz and more


You can play quiz and win money on MPL. You may also earn money by referring this software to your friends. To make money, you must answer basic questions, and you can withdraw your winnings instantly using Paytm wallet, Amazon pay, UPI, or direct bank transfer.

Choose the quiz category you wish to play from and earn money right away by answering correctly. Before you begin the game, brush up on your expertise to improve your chances of winning.

Task bucks app

Task Bucks is a fantastic software for expanding your knowledge while also earning money by taking quizzes.

You can play both free and paid quizzes in Task Bucks. The paid quiz comes with a lot of benefits.

Type of quiz to play

  • General knowledge quiz
  • Sports quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Business Quiz
  • History and IPL quiz.


Earning depends upon the tournaments. You can even refer this app to your friends and earn money. You can earn after completing different digital tasks on the mobile. 

You can quickly earn Paytm cash and deposit it to your Paytm account with Task bucks. You have to follow some simple instructions. Create an account and enter your Paytm number. Take several quizzes to gain coins, which you can then exchange for real money.

Top quiz application

With the Top Quiz app GetMega, anyone can win more than $10,000 a month, and it’s a straightforward quiz app to use to make money; all you have to do is submit the correct answers.

You can win a lottery worth $5,000 in addition to playing the quiz.

Type of quiz to play:

  • Quiz about cricket
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Quiz about India
  • Basic math’s quiz


You can play quiz and win money which will be added to your Paytm account. Earn money by recommending friends. Check the daily spin for a chance to win daily prizes. Take the Mega quiz for a chance to win Paytm cash.

Choose the quiz topic you wish to play and win money by giving the correct answers to the right questions. You can redeem your coins in your Paytm wallet once you’ve earned them.

BrainBaazi application

With BrainBaazi, you may take an online quiz and win money, as well as compete against millions of other players and defeat them.

Because this is a live quiz game, the host will ask you ten questions, which you must answer correctly. If you give the wrong answer, you will be eliminated, but you can use an extra life to continue playing.

Type of quiz to play

  • Bollywood quiz
  • Hollywood quiz
  • GK quiz
  • Maths quiz


Earn money for each quiz you take and by referring it to your friends.

How to play BrainBaazi?

The host will ask you ten questions, and you will have 10 seconds to respond to each one. To earn money, you must be quick and provide correct answers.

Qureka quiz App

Qureka is one of the top quiz applications to earn money by playing basic quiz games.

You can play a quiz every 30 seconds using the Qureka app. The live quiz is available in English and Hindi both. 

Type of quiz to play

  • Cricket world cup quiz
  • IPL quiz
  • Indian cricketers quiz
  • UPSC exam quiz
  • SSC exam quiz
  • Bank PO quiz etc.


Playing the quiz will help you win. Invite your friends and get money for each one you bring. You can earn money by watching videos. You can take the quiz from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and you’ll have 10 seconds to answer each question. 

As a result, you must be quick. You will get money if you give the correct answers. However, keep in mind that you only have 10 seconds per question, so you won’t be able to use Google to help you.

Hence, these are some of the apps where you can play quiz and win money. Quiz games are always fun to play. And the best part is, you can also win some money from it. So, it would help if you gave these apps a try.