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There is no card game in the casino that is more exciting and easier to play than blackjack. Its appeal made it very common already among the people of the late sixteenth century. Since that time, the game traveled throughout Europe and America, enriching itself with variations that made it the protagonist of any casino with fans all over the world. We tell you everything you need to know about 21 blackjack and its rules. We promise that entertainment is assured. For the casino oyunları canlı this is important.

21 blackjack and the basic rules

  • The goal is always to win the bank. No matter the number of people participating in the game, each plays individually against the bank.
  • To win the bank the cards must add 21 or get as close as possible to this number without exceeding it. If we go over this figure we lose automatically.
  • The game begins with two cards for both the bank and the player. Ours will be face up, while those of the dealer will be one face up and another face down (depending on the modality).
  • With the two cards you must add 21, which is what is called blackjack and is the most valuable move. But if this doesn’t happen, we can keep asking for more letters until we want. As soon as we go over 21 we will have lost.

The value of the cards is the one that its own number indicates, except the ace that can be worth 1 or 11 as it suits you at all times. The J, Q and K also have different values, which are always 10. Once we receive the 2 cards and we have asked for all the ones we consider appropriate, we will have finished our move. When all the players at the table finish it, it’s the dealer’s turn. If we get a score closer to 21 we win the bet, if the dealer gets it we lose it.

How to Play 21 Blackjack: Actions Allowed

Splitting is one of the most common blackjack tricks. When we get two equal cards at the start of the game we can divide the play. This allows you to have two different hands in the same round. The plays will work independently, but we must put the same bet on both hands. We can ask, stand and pass with each hand, allowing you to lose with one hand and win in the other.

Double: by getting the starting hand we can double our bet. If we do, we will only receive one more letter. And these 3 unique cards will form our play. If we win the bank, we will obtain a higher profit by having doubled the bet. It is the technique with the best results to obtain important money figures.

Surrender: To minimize losses, surrender is allowed. After obtaining our starting hand we can surrender. By doing so we automatically lose half the bet and the round ends for us. It is recommended to use it when we touch a very difficult hand to play.


You already know everything about 21 blackjack and its rules, and in here you can put it into practice. In our online casino we offer you the possibility of entertaining yourself with this exciting game. Just click and transport to the casino, where you can play blackjack even with other players.

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