How to Stay Under the Casino’s Radar When Card Counting. 

Card counting is a very controversial topic in the gambling community. Some casinos are against it, while others embrace it as a way to increase their earnings. It’s important to know how to stay under the radar when card counting so you don’t get thrown out of the casino or banned from playing blackjack there again. If you want to learn more about this strategy, check out my blog post on how card counting works and why casinos don’t like it!

The actual counting of cards is a fundamental unsophisticated strategy.

The actual counting of cards is a fundamental unsophisticated strategy. The basic strategy is to play the hand according to the card that was dealt. If a card higher than 10 is dealt, you stand and don’t take another card. If any other number between 2-10 appears, you hit and take another card until you get either an Ace or a 10 (and then stop). Since only one out of every four hands will have any value to count on, most players try to keep track by remembering previous hands or writing them down on paper; however, this can be easily detected by casino security from their vantage point at the table.

The count itself refers to the number of cards left in the deck that are higher than 10—or more specifically:

Blackjack has a fixed house edge (unless you count cards).

In blackjack, the house edge is 0.5%.

The reason it’s not 1% is because you get to double down on any two cards (in some casinos you can only double when the dealer has an Ace up) and you can split a pair of 10s or Aces with one card each. If you do these things, your odds of winning are better than if you didn’t do them, but it also makes your hands more likely to bust by making them less likely to be 21 after splitting or doubling down.

By counting, you get a better odds ratio.

If you’re going to do it, do it right. Remember, the casino is watching you—and they want to catch you in the act. So if you’re going to count cards, be careful not to make it obvious that you are counting cards. Here are some tips for staying under the radar:

  • Don’t stare at your neighbor’s face cards and tens once he gets them all in his hand. The dealer will think that something fishy is happening!
  • Be sure not to have any kind of device on your person or in sight (or even in a pocket). Casinos don’t take kindly to cheaters who bring their own tools into their establishment!

You have to be quiet.

We’ve all been in those situations where someone is trying to bluff their way out of a situation, and you know that they don’t have anything. You can see it in their eyes—they’re nervous and desperate, but as long as they keep talking, no one will realize.

Bluffing works for card counters for the same reason in pussy888 : if you talk about your cards and how good they are or how much money you’ve made, people will start wondering why you’re so excited about nothing. If a casino like Mega888 knows that there’s something up with your betting patterns (like if they see large spikes in the amount of money being wagered), then they’ll want to find out what it is and how to stop it. The best way for them to do this is by keeping an eye on your table location—once they know where you’re sitting and playing, then they can keep an eye on what cards are dealt there and when.

You have to count smoothly and the dealer can’t see what you are doing.

In order to successfully count cards, you must do it without drawing attention. You don’t want the dealer or pit boss to notice that you’re counting! If they think you’re counting, they can ask you to leave the table.

  • Don’t count too fast
  • Counting too fast is a big mistake because then people will know what you are doing and may ask for your money back (because gambling is illegal). The same goes for slow counts–don’t do it!
  • Don’t count too loud

The reason why this is a problem is because loud counts tend to attract attention from nearby tables and other casinos (like Live22 & Xe88) as well as security staff. It also gives away information about which hands are good or bad so other players might be able to exploit them by making their own bets based on that knowledge alone—and if everyone knows this information then there’s no point in playing anymore!

When you bet bigger you have to blend in.

One of the most important things you can do when card counting is to stay under the radar of casino security. If they know what you are doing, they will kick you out and not let you back in. Here’s how:

  • Don’t stand out. If other players at your table are betting big, then so should you! You want to make sure that it is not obvious that anything different is going on with your betting patterns compared with theirs or those around them. You want to blend in with all the other players at your table as much as possible by looking like just another player trying their luck at winning some money from the house!
  • Don’t be greedy! The more bets per roll (e.g., 1-2-3) per shoe I take part in during my shift, the less likely it will appear that I am counting cards because this would result in an increase in my winnings which may raise suspicions among casino personnel due to its abnormal nature compared with previous shifts where I only took part at one roll per shoe (e.g., 1 only).

When the deck is hot, don’t make it obvious that you are counting.

  • Don’t make it obvious that you are counting. Pussy888 Casinos don’t like card counters because they know that a player who intentionally manipulates their bet size based on their knowledge of the deck has an edge over them. Make sure to act normal and do not use any signals as to what you have or have not seen in the deck. It’s important not to make any of your movements appear forced or unnatural, as this could be considered suspicious by casino staff members.
  • Don’t get too excited when you win. Winning is great, but don’t go overboard with your excitement about it! If you get too excited about a win, it can raise suspicion from casino employees since most players do not normally react like this when winning at blackjack. You should also keep your voice down so others around you will not hear how much money was just added to your bankroll (if they did this could cause problems).
  • Don’t get too upset when losing either—even though losing sucks and nobody likes losing money (especially now), try not becoming frustrated or agitated during play if things aren’t going well at first because doing so may draw unwanted attention from other people playing nearby who might think something fishy was going on such as cheating via card counting which would then result in being escorted off property without compensation for lost deposits made earlier at other locations if proper identification isn’t available upon request from management staff members seeking out answers regarding how one ended up here without having been allowed entry originally due possible suspicions concerning past behavior from previous instances involving questionable actions taken by individuals believed responsible for committing crimes against humanity related acts against nature itself  (including animals)

Play at tables with a deep “penetration”, where the dealer gets through more of the deck before reshuffling.

The deeper the penetration, the more cards you can count.

A typical blackjack table has 16 decks of cards shuffled together and divided into two groups: one face-up and one face-down. The dealer starts with the top group and “penetrates” down to the bottom group before reshuffling both piles together to create a new deck. If a casino is using just one deck of cards per game, then it will take seven or eight rounds (depending on how many decks are in play) for each dealer to get through all of their cards once. That means that after a while they’ll be dealing from somewhere near the middle or bottom half of their deck—and that makes it easier for you to keep track of what’s coming out next!

If there are more than two decks being used at once, say four or six instead, then each dealer will still have access only to about half their total number of decks during any given session since those other stacks remain untouched until they reach them in their progression around all those extra decks. So even if there are twice as many stacks as usual being used at once—say 12 instead of 8—your visibility into when each stack might get reshuffled drops by half again because now only about 25% ()of those stacks is getting exhausted every round rather than 50%.

You can make money by knowing how many cards are left in the deck and how many high cards there are left.

If you want to make money by knowing how many cards are left in the deck and how many high cards there are left, you can’t count cards without a deck of cards in Pussy888. And if your goal is to know how many high cards there are left, then you need to know how many cards are left in the deck.

So if your goal is to know how many high cards there are left, then you need to know how many low cards there are left as well…


If you want to count cards, you need to be quiet and blend in. You have to avoid being caught by the dealer or pit boss. But don’t worry, if you follow these simple rules you will be able to keep your bankroll safe while still having a great time at the casino!