Diogo Jota Double Sinks Leicester To Maintain Liverpool’s Title Pursuit

Liverpool may have a long way to go in pursuing the spot of Manchester City in the Premier League but the race is not over yet. They should give thanks to the player who is working really hard to keep the club in pursuing the championship title.

A rising star

While Mohamed Salah was on Africa to represent his national team Egypt for the Africa Cup of Nations, He can keep a huge advantage in the race for the Golden boot but as he made his way back to the club, Diogo Jota may have proved why Liverpool has the league’s two of the best athletes by scoring twice.

Liverpool’s loss to Manchester City stands at nine points but Jurgen Klopp has an opinion about this, he said “I am not sure we are in a position to put them on their toes. I don’t think they smell our breath already.”

On the other hand, Jota has robbed Salah’s opportunity to produce four goals. It could be a hollow space too wide to connect considering that the Egyptian player could have made a hat-trick within just five minutes during his play time, but Jota again showed that the excellence on the Anfield is not limited to Salah.

Leicester knew their weakness

His return to the club made the team grow better compared to Brendan Rodger’s club performance, even though it was not the worst result Leicester City has made this week, much less than this season.

“We have retained our faith, the spirit is still positive for us,” the manager said. Although, if it weren’t for the save of Kasper Schmeichel, it could have been a much worse disaster for the team.

Liverpool surprisingly produced 22 goals, with 11 of them were intended, and the way that the goals of Jota highlighted why Leicester sinked more than ever before.

According to Rodgers, he said “For us, set-pieces are our weakness.” Few players are more likely to surrender from a corner, which they did again today. Meanwhile, the Portuguese player has doubled the number of his scores after Leicester gave the ball away to be stolen inside the 30 yards from their goal.

Also, Joel Matip gave a careful, defense-shattering shot, which Jurgen Klopp considered as “a little genius moment,” and Jota secured a fifth consecutive win for Liverpool in the matches.

Jota’s skills on the field

Liverpool could be thankful for Jota’s almost animal-like instinct and incredible sense when he sees an open opportunity. His performances have surpassed the expectations that were given to him on his signing.

According to Jurgen Klopp, he said “We already knew that he was skilful, however we had no idea that he could go over his limit. What we didn’t know is his future, but we know that he is going to be huge someday.”

Although as powerful as Jota is, his only possible weakness is that his style is predictable and could be used against him by his opponents. Like the coach of Leicester said, Liverpool is already known for scoring most of their goals using set-pieces.

Mohamed Salah has been resting after he played non-stop to represent Egypt in the AFCON where they lost to Senegal in the finals. It is now time for other players like Diogo Jota to shine and get out of Salah’s shadow.


Liverpool has long been a strong club in the Premier League, consistently being on the top of the English professional league. The inclusion of new manager Jurgen Klopp has also improved the performance of the team. Also, having incredible talents like Mohamed Salah and Diogo Jota has helped the club to score important goals and has better odds in truc tiep bong da[1] .