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In poker the counter-theft is a betting poker movement closely related to the action of raising the bet three times (3-Bet) since it consists of “turning the tables” and taking advantage of it to put the opponent against the aggressive movement made with a bet three times higher than yours.

Where can you see this move?

Counter steal is frequently used from blind positions to defend against bets made from late position, although it can also be done when you are in position and someone has made the bet with that objective (mainly the player on the right).

Who is countered?

This move in situs domino terpercaya works best against good players since these are the ones who usually perform this type of action such as placing bets with “normal” hands to take the blinds.

How to do the counter-theft?

Before continuing, we want to clarify a concept: if you are making the counter, you are bluffing, this means that you have a worse hand than the opponent (or at least that you do not think your hand is better).

  • Making a three times raise when you have the best hand is simply a move to add value to your hand and get more profit from it.
  • Therefore, since the counter is a bluff that looks for your opponent to throw his cards to take the pot, it is necessary to understand that there are several important factors when it comes to achieving this objective.
  • When you think about countering an opponent you must bear in mind that he may also think that you are “stealing” from him, so it is important to know the type of image you have at the table (if you are aggressive or cannot get your opponent to throw his cards or that goes against you), the position and the type of cards you have in hand.

Another important point for beginners is that the counter move cannot be made without having an alternate plan in case the player sees the hand. It is easy to get lost and not know what to do when you are out of position (the blinds are in first position after the flop) and in a pot like the one generated after that move.

Poker Betting: Blocking Bet

With the blocking bet and even being out of position, the player can increase the possible winnings or see more cards without having to put a large number of chips in the pot. Learn more about this movement with the answer to several questions, as we usually do.

What is the blocking bet?

This movement refers to the fact of betting while out of position in order to control how much money is included in the betting round.

Why is it used?

The blocking bet is used mainly when you have marginal hands (or draws) that cannot be held if there is a strong bet, so when placing a small bet it tends to be seen but not raised, the player can see a new card with less spending.

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