A few things that you need to know about bonuses

Online bookmakers’ bonuses are special offers that credit players’ accounts or reimburse their first bet. We also find these bonuses for online casinos.

The bonus principle

These bonuses are, therefore, promotional offers. Exclusively intended for new players are automatically credited to the player’s account, either before the bet or as a refund for the first bet.

1st type of bonus example – Betclic refunds your 1st bet of 20 euros if it is a loser. This means that you deposit 20 euros into your virtual account via a secure bank transfer. If you bet and your bet is lost, your account is automatically credited with this amount.

2nd type of bonus example -Titan Poker offers you a 50% bonus up to a deposit amount of $ 200. This means that up to an amount of $ 200 that you deposit by secure bank transfer, the site offers you 50% of this amount. You deposit $ 30 on Titan Poker, you win 50% of $ 30 more or $ 15 offered.

Bonuses are multiplying and are very interesting for new players. They allow bettors, thanks to competition between bookmakers, to test the different sites while bwin from an attractive starting bankroll. The number of bonuses offered by online sports and horse racing turf betting sites and their conditions for obtaining them change regularly. It is therefore advisable to check the exact amount of welcome offers and their implementation before betting.

Warning in the use of bonuses

To be able to bwin app withdraw his bonus, the player must depend on the sites, bet several times the bonus offered or bet on odds greater than 1.5, etc.

This is why it is advisable to read the regulations of the site on which one wants to bet to avoid the problems of fraud linked to online sports betting, especially on sites little known to the general public.

This particularly generous registration bonus formula is not very widespread in other countries markets. The operators often prefer other more betting bonus models, such as the 1st bet refunded if lost, which require a first deposit of money beforehand. A real bonus without deposit means that you can open a player account with the bookmaker. You can make one or more bets without paying a euro out of your pocket. Most often, the amount of this gratuity varies from 5 to 20 €.

When do you receive the bonus?

It is not possible to play your bonus and withdraw any winnings immediately after registration. The law imposes a rigorous protocol when opening an account on an online betting site. You will have to follow a few simple rules to get your bet bonus then go to the cashier, even as part of a welcome offer without deposit.

Free bet: The operator gives you a bonus without compensation, that is, without imposing a new money deposit or a prior bet. This kind of good news can occur for a particular event new function of the site or prestigious competition.

Deposit bonus: The bookmaker pays you a deposit if you make a new deposit of money. For example, it pays you € 5 extra credit if you deposit at least € 10.

Bet refunded: When you bet on certain matches or during a given period, the site pays you game credits in your player account. This includes, among others, the Cashback promotions at Uni bet, Second chance at Pmu etc.

Prediction challenge: The operator organizes prediction contests dedicated to a specific competition. Prizes are generally awarded to the most successful bettors via a ranking.


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