3 Reasons That Fuel Betting Craze in Kenya

There are various reasons why many people are into gambling. First, people love the reward that they get when they win. But winning is difficult for almost every game that involves betting. And because most people do not win, they do everything to get back what they lost, which almost always leads to losing more.

Kenya is a country known for its love for football. Both local and international leagues are being the headline of the country’s papers every day. Kenyans even watch foreign leagues such as the English Premier League. If you visit Kenya, a normal view that you would see is a bunch of bare-footed children playing football in the streets.

The only activity that Kenyans love besides football is gambling. The Kenyan gambling scene has never been alive than now that given the internet and smartphones are by the fingertips of millions of Kenyans. And because Kenya is a poverty-stricken country, more and more Kenyans are hooked to betting games to forget their condition or make some money by winning.

And because sports and gambling are the two vices of the population, it is not a surprise that Kenyans are into online sports betting. The betting industry in Kenya does not show any sign of decline, and this Chezacash infographic will explain why.