Poker in the best Virtues for Your Games

Big Blind is a great place to follow everyone else in the first round of betting. The better the place at the table, the more you know about the cards and draws of others the better place to bluff and try to grab cheap blinds automatically placed on the table. You also have that last word on the size of the pot and you can bet your other players are confused. Keep in mind, however, that experienced players know the potential of this position and may not fall into your bluff, especially if they have a really tough hand.

Avoid Mistakes

Poker is largely a way of avoiding all kinds of mistakes. The Bandar qq Poker rules are the same for everyone, so this applies to all players. So how do you avoid mistakes in poker? Here are a few cornerstones to this, consider these points for your own gaming.

Don’t stick too much to dealt cards

It is good to remember that strong hand cards are strong hands only up to a certain point. Poker instructions for beginners advise you to play these cards, but of course at your own discretion. For example, if you have that QQ pair in the hand and the flop hits A or K, it knows that some other player may have it AA or KK now. So stay alert.

Watch out for the color

AA or KK in hand looks nice, but three of the same countries on the table always know the danger that a player may have a flush. And for it, a couple or even threes will be lost briskly.

Remember the probabilities

You do not easily get a pair of aces or any other pair of cards. In fact, getting Aces in hand cards is 221: 1. So you get a calculated pair of aces every 221st hand. Sometimes they can come in more than that number of hands, sometimes less.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Nobody is a blacksmith at birth and a poker player right from the first hand. Well, of course there are exceptions, but playing poker requires a lot of practice and even more practice. The basics of poker are easy to master and online poker brings variety to live gaming. Free poker is a good training platform, but keep in mind that when you play for real money, the game changes. Practice your own strategy, Learn what opportunities you have in each hand, what are the probabilities. Examine your own hand history, see where you went wrong and what you should have done. There will certainly be mistakes in poker, but you will also learn from this game.


There are ups and downs for each player. Patience, especially at these points, is really important to every player. Try to avoid tiles, ie making losses with a bigger bet in the next round, but take the game split at a time. You will no longer be able to influence the actions or results of the previous split.

These tips and tricks are sure to get you started on your poker game. Good luck with the games and remember patience and control at the poker table. There is no easy way to the top and the journey there is a long one. Poker hand at a time.